VisionPlaza West: The perfect working climate

VisionPlaza West features 5 storeys, divided over 2 wings connected by a spacious atrium. It is a next- generation work environment, designed to facilitate productivity, satisfaction, and balance for industry leading companies and their employees.

VisionPlaza West is optimized to provide a well-secured, prestigious working environment. The building could serve as the perfect European headquarters for a corporation with a staff up to 700, a highly efficient data centre for a multinational organisation or a multi-tenant solution. A true 'Hub 3.0' proposition, combining airport hub, internet hub and energy hub qualities all in one option.

  • Total net floor area 8,924 m², per floor 1,450- 1,900 m²
  • Covered parking for 279 cars (1:32 m²)
  • VIP parking deck right across main entrance
  • Fibre optic infrastructure available in the building
  • Social areas for people to go out and meet or take a stroll
  • Centralized services and excellent park & facility management on-site
  • Prominent exposure on the building
  • Corporate restaurant facilities possible

Download comprehensive building documentation and floor plans below.

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